Celebs Taking Photos Of Themselves Just After Waking Up Is The New Ice Bucket Challenge

More than 6 million ice bucket challenge videos were posted to Facebook and Instagram earlier this year, helping the ALS Association raise more than $US95m. Now UNICEF wants to get in on the viral fundraising craze with a new challenge: the #WakeUpCall selfie.

The idea is simple. You don’t need to get wet and you don’t even need to get out of bed.

Just take a photo of yourself as soon as you’ve woken up, post to a social network with the hashtag #WakeUpCall, donate £5 ($8) to Unicef and nominate three friends to do the same.

A host of celebrities have already taken part.

Here’s Naomi Campbell’s #WakeUpCall:

Naomi campbell wakeupNaomi Campbell/InstagramNaomi Campbell’s #wakeupcall

Stephen Fry has taken part, too:

Stephenfry wake upStephen Fry/TwitterStephen Fry’s #WakeUpCall

This is what actor Tom Hiddleston looks like when he wakes up:

Tom hiddleston wakeupTom Hiddleston/TwitterTom Hilddeston #WakeUpSelfie

British model Daisy Lowe has given it a go:

Daisy lowe wake upDaisy Lowe/TwitterDaisy Lowe’s #WakeUpCall

As has Brit celebrity Chef Nigella Lawson:

Nigella lawson wakeupNigella Lawson/TwitterNigella Lawson Wake Up Call

The new challenge is reminiscent of the #NoMakeUpSelfie challenge, which was also a huge viral hit in the UK and helped raise an £8 million ($12.8 million) windfall for Cancer Research UK.

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