The Entire Objective Of This UNICEF Video Game Is To Make It To The Bathroom

Toilet 2UNICEFToilet paper serves as the player’s life force.

Tuesday was the United Nations’ first
World Toilet Day, meant to shed light on the fact that there are 2.5 billion people in the world without access to a safe, sanitary toilet.

UNICEF, the UN’s program dedicated to children and mothers, advertised the commemorative day with an 8-bit video game, in which the player guides his or her character across a series of hazards while collecting toilet paper.

As absurd as that sounds, the game is actually pretty fun, and it manages to find a balance between the unusual nature of a day dedicated to toilets with the deadly-serious dangers people in the third world face.

The game is challenging enough to hold the player’s interest, and the data is revealed to the player as he progresses. For example, as the player climbs up a long ladder, information appears regarding the sexual violence many women and girls face when they do not have a safe toilet to use. The player must then avoid a series of grabbing, monstrous hands.

Tribal Worldwide developed the game, website, and posters. You can play Toilet Trek here.

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