Unemployment Rose In 27 States In February...

Getting better all the time.

From the BLS: Regional and State Employment and Unemployment Summary20-seven states recorded over-the-month unemployment rate increases, 7 states and the District of Columbia registered rate decreases, and 16 states had no rate change, the U.S. Bureau of labour Statistics reported today. Over the year, jobless rates increased in 46 states and the District of Columbia and declined in 4 states…

Michigan again recorded the highest unemployment rate among the states, 14.1 per cent in February. The states with the next highest rates were Nevada, 13.2 per cent; Rhode Island, 12.7 per cent; California and South Carolina, 12.5 per cent each; and Florida, 12.2 per cent. North Dakota continued to register the lowest jobless rate, 4.1 per cent in February, followed by Nebraska and South Dakota, 4.8 per cent each. The rates in Florida and Nevada set new series highs, as did the rates in two other states: Georgia (10.5 per cent) and North Carolina (11.2 per cent).

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State Unemployment

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This graph shows the high and low unemployment rates for each state (and D.C.) since 1976. The red bar is the current unemployment rate (sorted by the current unemployment rate).

Fifteen states and D.C. now have double digit unemployment rates. New Jersey and Indiana are close.

Four states and set new series record highs: Florida, Nevada, Georgia and North Carolina. Three other states tied series record highs: California, Rhode Island and South Carolina.

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