Unemployed Members Only


Kind of bored in between collecting your unemployment check and sending out hundreds of resumes? Join the club—literally. A number of clubs catering to those without a job have begun to materialise offering help finding a new 9-to-5 gig, moral support, and golf.

NY Daily News: As layoffs rack the nation, jobless clubs are springing up.  These clubs are places to socialize with others who are unemployed and to share career tips and advice.  Members of jobless clubs interviewed by USA Today described these clubs as a lifeline out of anger, fear and loneliness. 

In San Francisco, there’s the “Job Club,” which gathers unemployed members each week to share advice and support, according to USA Today.  In Charlotte, North Carolina there’s a “Golfers in Transition” club that gathers out-of-work professionals to network and socialize, according to AllBusiness.com

There’s also the New York Unemployed Meetup Group, which is designed to be a networking group for people who want to exchange feedback on cover letters and resumes, as well as get advice and support from other people in the area who are unemployed. 

Numerous studies find that unemployment has negative effects on your health and well-being.  That’s where these groups can help.