Take A Look Inside The Crazy Underwater Hotel Being Planned In Dubai

discus hotel dubai

Deep Ocean Technology

Dubai is known for its outrageous design plans, but the Water Discus Hotel, formally announced last week, could be the wildest thing to come to the city in years.According to Deep Ocean Technology, the company behind the design, the hotel will consist of two sets of discs—one above water and one below.

The underwater disc, located up to 10 meters below the surface, will contain 21 hotel rooms, as well as an underwater dive centre and bar. The surface disc will house a restaurant, spa, and recreation area.

Building company Drydocks World signed a contract with Swiss firm BIG InvestConsult to develop the Water Discus Hotel in Dubai and other underwater hotels in the region last Thursday. No cost estimate or opening date has been announced.

Dubai is also home to the world’s tallest building, the world’s biggest indoor ski resort, and the world’s most luxurious hotel.

The Water Discus Hotel, off the coast of Dubai, would be partly submerged.

Guests will have access to marine vehicles to allow them to explore their surroundings.

The lobby will be built inside an enormous swimming pool.

Screens on the lobby walls will show diving activities taking place around the hotel.

This looks like a distracting place for a business meeting.

All rooms are sound-proof and have curtains in case you need a break from the sea life.

The complex will be surrounded by coral reef.

Looks like something from The Jetsons.

Don't want to wait until this hotel is built?

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