Undersize Me: Nestle Has Shrunk A Legendary Aussie Lolly, Allen's Killer Python

Honey, they shrunk the python. Source: Facebook

The Allen’s killer python, that long multi-coloured jelly snake that’s a corner store staple, has been killed off by Nestle.

While the company describes it as Allen’s python as “iconic”, it hasn’t stopped the global confectionery giant halving its size to create what it calls a “treat size” version in a major blow to our national love of big things.

The company is doing its best to put a healthy spin on the decision, saying the move is part of “Nestlé’s efforts to help Australians better manage their health”, while reassuring distressed customers on Facebook that they’ll now be jamming twice as many snakes into the $2.95 packet on supermarket shelves.

The new Killer Python weighs just 24g, generating 336kJ, compared to the original 47g, 630kJ version. It will, of course, create havoc and change at Saturday sport canteens across the nation, with the price halving from $1 to 50 cents.

It also means that young boys will have a harder time whipping their siblings and friends with the giant snake.

Meanwhile, Nestle’s press release offered wise advice from dietician Melanie McGrice on the Responsible Service of Lollies, who said it will now take a child 30 minutes to run off the python’s calories, rather than an hour.

“Controlling portion size is an effective, simple and reliable tool that is used in maintaining a balanced diet,” McGrice said.

And to help you really get your head around eating lollies, apparently the new Killer Pythons packets are among the first Nestle products to offer “portion guidance” and serving size advice.

“From my experience people often can’t judge serving sizes,” McGrice said.

But I’m sure fans will be able to tell the killer python is now just another snake.

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