16 incredible European destinations that haven't been discovered by tourists

La Roque GageacShutterstock / ostillThe town of La Roque-Gageac in France.

For those looking to avoid the tourist traps of Europe, there are still undiscovered destinations to explore.

A recent thread on Quora discussed some of the best destinations in Europe that still remain unknown.

The answers hit on a number of hidden gems, which we included in this list, along with some others that came from our own research.

From Denmark’s Faroe Islands to one of Armenia’s oldest monasteries, here are the places you can enjoy without hordes of other travellers.

Sarajevo -- the capital of both Bosnia and Herzegovina -- is a city rich in history (Franz Ferdinand was shot here, which started WWI) surrounded by the Olympic mountains. A blend of east and west and heavily influenced by the Ottoman Empire, the city offers museums, mosques, and cathedrals.

Kungsleden in northern Sweden is a must for hikers. The 450-kilometer-long hiking trail runs between Abisko and Hemavan and passes through one of Europe's largest remaining wilderness areas.

Nestled in Germany's Rhine River Valley, the small town of Bacharch in Germany is picture-perfect with stone streets, colourful homes, and beautiful castles and churches.

Located in the Arctic Ocean between Norway and the North Pole, Svalbard is an archipelago you won't want to miss. It's a vast undisturbed expanse of arctic nature, so bring your winter gear and don't be surprised if you run into some polar bears. Visitors can also see the Northern Lights from here.

Once at the frontier of the Byzantine Empire, the town of Berat in Albania has a citadel and a Byzantine church that dates back to the 13th century. Berat's old town (the Mangalem District) is also a part of the UNESCO World Heritage list.

The Russian island of Kizhi, located in the Onega River, boasts the magnificent Church of the Transfiguration, an impressive wooden structure with 30 miniature domes. There are many other log buildings on the island, along with a historic Yamka village.

La Roque-Gageac is a village built right into the cliffs that line the Dordogne River in southern France. Billed as one of the most beautiful villages in France, La Roque Gageac has its own natural solarium (formed by rocks) which houses a number of exotic plants.

Stretching from northeastern Italy to Slovenia, the Julian Alps include Slovenia's highest peak: Mount Triglav. If you're looking for Heidi-inspired scenery outside of Switzerland, this is it.

You'll find a little bit of everything in the nine Azore Islands located off the coast of Portugal. Bright blue and green lakes, good wine, prairies, volcanic cones and craters, and stunning flowers are all a part of these islands.

Käsmu sits on the coast of Estonia and is part of Laheema National Park. It's known as the 'Captain's Village.' Besides its sea museum, Käsmu also offers multiple options for outdoorsy types: fishing, sailing, horseback riding, and canoeing just to name a few.

Tucked into lush rolling hills, Bucovina is a town that is divided between Romania and the Ukraine and is known as the region of painted monasteries and churches. There are plenty of centuries-old frescoes to see here.

The largest island of the Pelagie Islands located in the Mediterranean sea off the coast of Italy, Lampedusa presents an interesting mix between Northern Africa and traditional Italy. It has a dry hot climate, but still offers the charm that you'll find in Rome.

Cangas De Onis is situated on the banks of the Sella River in the northwestern region of Asturias, Spain. Sights include the Picos de Europa mountain range and the Puente Romano, which is one of the last bridges still standing from the Roman Empire.

Sitting between Norway and Iceland, Denmark's Faroe Islands provide visitors with nature in its purest form. From bird cliffs to waterfalls to tiny coloured homes, the islands have much to offer for their small size.

Near Armenia's Tatev Village is the Tatev Monastery, a ninth century monastery sitting on a basalt plateau. It's incredibly well-maintained and provides breathtaking views.

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