The Most Underpaid Players In Baseball

hanley ramirez

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A baseball player’s salary is no indication of his performance.Using one of the most effective gauges of a baseball player’s impact on his team, a statistic called win-above-replacement (WAR), The Daily Beast has found the best (and worst) players for the money since the 2000 season.

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Here’s more on their method:

According to Baseball Reference a WAR (wins above replacement player) of around 7 typifies an All-Star, a WAR over 10 makes for an MVP candidate, and a WAR over 15 signals a legendary year.

We looked at the WAR for each player for each season since 2000 and divided that number by each player’s inflation-adjusted salary, with data from Baseball Reference, then selected the best and worst WAR-to-salary performers at each position on the field. With respect to the handful of great designated hitters of the decade past, particularly David Ortiz and Edgar Martinez, we limited this list to position players with at least 100 at bats.

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Mark Buehrle

Paul Lo Duca

Hanley Ramirez

Troy Glaus

Marcus Giles

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