Underground Smuggling Tunnel Discovered Between Ukraine And The EU

Slovakian police have discovered a 2,300-foot long underground tunnel between their country and neighbouring Ukraine, according to reports in Michalovsky Korzar.

The tunnel — which features its own train line — is thought to be used for at least a year to illegally import goods into the European from Ukraine, which is not a member of the EU.

The tunnel appears to have been primarilly used for cigarrettes, and Slovak officials say it could have helped avoid €50 million ($60 million) in tobacco tax in the last year.

While the tunnel is reportedly “unusually professional”, it may not be unique. The Economist points towards one KPMG study from last year that found 10% of all cigarettes consumed in the EU were contraband.

Footage of the tunnel was shown by the police at a press conference this week, and its certainly impressive.


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