9 People You Should Avoid Running Into While Working At Your Bank

Sarah Dahlgreen

An article in yesterday’s Wall Street Journal said that financial regulators recently added a roster of employees who will work inside the banks they regulate.

They’re almost undercover regulators, but they don’t hide. They work using their real names, etc.

However you still might not want to get caught in an elevator with one, in case you’re talking about “duping CDO fools,” or something.

So get to know these faces. Hopefully you’ll avoid unleashing a swarm of regulators on your sales desk.

Sarah Dahlgren

Who? - Dahlgren's been with the fed for more than two decades and has most recently been serving in a role, Director of the 'Special Investments Management Group,' that the bank created just for her in the wake of the bailouts. Her previous experience as the NY Fed's point person on AIG seemed to make her a perfect fit to be the face of the post-bailout risk management team for the bank and this new job makes it even more apparent that Dahlgren is still well-regarded internally on the subject of managing Federal Reserve money currently invested in private companies.

Education - B.A. (Government) Cornell University 1985; M.A. (Public Policy), Duke University, 1989

Fun Fact - Dahlgren's first job after graduate school was at a place that many believe her colleagues and former contacts at AIG should be spending more time... Riker's Island Prison in New York City.

Source: New York Federal Reserve

Lucinda Brickler

Who? - Brickler has been in her current position, Senior Vice President of Payments Policy Function in the NY Fed's Executive Office since 2008 and has moved between government banking and Wall Street throughout her career. She started off at the Minneapolis Fed in 1995 before moving on to the NY Fed in 2000 but stayed only five months before switching to the private sector by taking a job with Merrill Lynch. Brickler then spent almost two years with Deloitte in its Mexico City offices before returning to the NY Fed in 2005 where she has been since.

Education - B.A. and M.B.A., University of Wisconsin

Fun Fact - Per a number of internal and confidential emails that found their way to the internet, Brickler seems to have played a key role in the failed negotiations to have Barclays acquire Lehman Brothers during the 2008 crisis.

Source: New York Federal Reserve

Michael Silva

Who? - Silva is a Senior Vice President and Chief of Staff to the Executive Office, the highest legal role at the NY Fed. He has been with the bank for almost 20 years and seems to have risen through the ranks with a yeoman's alacrity, learning about many different facets of the bank through strata of roles, from a basic counsel position to a more senior posting in currencies and others.

Education - B.A. United States Naval Academy, 1983; J.D. Columbia Law School

Fun Fact - Blending his backgrounds as a former Naval Officer and his professional experience at the NY Fed, Silva spent a number of months in Baghdad 2003 and 2004 as an advisor the Iraqi Central Bank.

Source: New York Federal Reserve

Jonathan Polk

Who? - Another legal man in the bank's hierarchy, Polk has been with the NY Fed on and off since 1986 when he joined the bank a staff attorney. He left in 1989 to work with a private law firm but returned to the bank in 1992 taking a role in regulatory enforcement and was made an officer of the bank less than a year later.

Polk's current role as senior vice president in the Special Investments Management Group has had him focusing exclusively on the bank's relationship with AIG since his appointment early last year.

Education - B.A. Hobart College, 1982; J.D. Cornell Law School, 1986

Fun Fact - Polk was one of the more widely quoted players on the NY Fed's reportedly exhausting negotiations with AIG over the future management of the insurance giant that is subsisting almost entirely on government investment. 'It was intimate,' was the quote attributed to Polk by numerous news sources as a description of last year's marathon discussions in close quarters.

Source: New York Federal Reserve

Paul Whynott

Who? - Whynott has been with the NY Fed since 1992 and is a Vice President in the Bank Supervision Group. In that role, Whynott is in charge of the Credit Risk Department, what would seem to be a particularly trying job ove the last few years, but Whynott's experience might provide him with a competitive edge as one of his previous jobs with the bank was lead examiner for JPMorgan Chase.

Education -B.A. Connecticut College, M.B.A. Columbia Business School

Fun Fact - His surname is an ironic one for a regulator.

Source: New York Federal Reserve

Daniel Muccia

Who? - Muccia is the Senior Vice President of Foreign Bank Supervision at the NY Fed, a job he took in 2006 after retiring from the NY State Banking Department where he worked for 32 years. His depth of experience would appear to be a big asset as Muccia's current position is responsible for regulating the stateside operations of every single foreign bank currently operating in the US.

Education -B.A. Queens College, 1974

Fun Fact - During his career with the NYSBD, Muccia once managed a department with more than 500 employees and a budget of roughly $80 million.

Source: New York Federal Reserve

Dianne Dobbeck

Who? - With almost 15 years of experience at the NY Fed, Dobbeck has risen from analyst to Senior Vice President in the relationship management function of the Bank Supervision Group, a role that should be augmented by her previous experience heading up the credit risk department within the Bank Supervision Group.

Education -B.A. Kalamazoo College, 1988; M.A. Woodrow Wilson School of Public Policy - Princeton University

Fun Fact - Dobbeck is the mother of two young children and has a very cool apartment in New York City.

Source: New York Federal Reserve

Caroline Frawley

Who? - Since January, Frawley has been serving the bank as a Senior Vice President in the relationship management function of the Bank Supervision Group. She is a true internal success story having joined the bank directly after receiving her undergraduate degree in 1985, being made an officer 10 years later, and rising to Senior Vice President role after more than 25 years of service.

Education -B.A. Iona College 1985

Fun Fact - Frawley is a generous donor to her alma mater, Iona College.

Source: New York Federal Reserve

William Brodows

Who? - Brodows is currently a Vice President in the financial sector policy and analysis function, Bank Supervision Group. He has been with the bank for 15 years and has worked mostly as an examiner and analyst in the Bank Supervision Group.

Education - B.A. Boston University; M.B.A. University of Rochester.

Fun Fact - Brodows pre-Fed career included a stint as a product manager in futures trading.

Source: New York Federal Reserve

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