Teens Are Drinking Tequila And Smoking Hash At This Hamptons Hotspot, And No One Seems To Mind

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Photo: mikep on flickr

Two intrepid reporters from the The New York Post spent a recent night at Southampton hotspot Nello Summertime to report on the usual debauchery.To no one’s particular surprise, they found hordes of young partiers from Manhattan flaunting their underage status and living large.

From The Post:

Eric, a University of Pennsylvania student from the Upper East Side who said he was 19, showed off his flimsy fake ID: a thin, laminated piece of paper with his photo and information claiming he was from Venezuela and legally old enough to drink in New York.

He then asked a Post reporter for a light, sparking up a hand-rolled cigarette.

“Yeah, it’s a little tobacco-hash mix,” he revealed.

He wasn’t worried about getting busted. “I’m smoking right here. I think that says enough,” he said.

He and his two friends were also drinking, throwing back $27 shots of Patron tequila.

The club gets away with allowing teens and drugs, The Post says, because of owner Nello Balan’s “cozy” relationship with local police; calls to 911 are rerouted from the dispatcher to Nello’s private security force, sources told the paper.

Nello, of course, denied the claims, saying he “would not tolerate anything that is illegal.”

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