Under Armour is becoming a huge threat to Lululemon and Victoria's Secret

Misty copelandUnder ArmourMisty Copeland is one of the stars of Under Armour’s latest sports bra campaign.

Under Armour has a star-studded campaign to promote its new sports bras.

The collection features just three high, medium, and low styles, which range in price from $US24.99 to $US54.99.

A number of impressive athletes, dubbed the ‘Under Armour Women of Will’, front the new sports bra campaign.

These include four-time World Cup Champion skier Lindsey Vonn, model Gisele Bundchen, iconic ballet dancer Misty Copeland, World Cup champion Kelley O’Hara, and professional surfer Brianna Cope.

Under Armour’s new campaign is its latest attempt to challenge big players like Victoria’s Secret and Lululemon. The brand is the top seller of athleticwear in the US, behind Nike, but many of its customers are men.

The campaign focuses on showcasing the obstacles these women have faced and overcome in their careers in relation to their womanhood, according to a press release.

“Woven into the Armour Bra product launch is a deeper goal of connecting with women at all levels of sport and all stages of their lives, and changing the way they think and talk about sports bras,” said Adrienne Lofton, SVP, Brand Marketing, Under Armour, in the release.

In the ads, the women are pictured with obstacles they face to their right and their reaction to them to their left.

“We believe that a woman shouldn’t have to compromise or settle in any area of her life, and that includes her choice of sports bra. We’re starting a real, organic, and emotional conversation with women about what they want and need in their bras, and we’re backing it up with best-in-class product that eliminates distractions and allows her to focus on performance,” said Lofton in the release.

Whereas some sports retailers focus solely on the product, Under Armour wants to inspire women with its products and infiltrate values of respectable athletes into its brand image.

“Sports bra campaigns can be pretty vanilla but this will be about crushing your workout and your life,” Lofton told WWD.

“The Armour Bra Collection is just the newest chapter in that story and it offers the innovation, comfort and support that allows me stay focused on the slopes, in the gym, and in my everyday life,” Lindsey Vonn said in the release.

Under Armour will hold promotional events to help people learn more about sports bras throughout the duration of the campaign.

With this new, highly publicized collection, Under Armour is likely going to surge to the forefront of the activewear industry at a time when it’s booming in popularity.

Victoria’s Secret successful activewear line could grow to $US1 billion according to analysts, and the brand has plans to add it to more store.

Retailers like Nike and Dick’s Sporting Goods are also expanding into womenwear, hoping to capitalise on the opportunity in the market as well.

Under Armour’s women’s segment generated about $US600 million last year, and that number will only continue to grow with the expansion of its activewear collections.

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