13 Of The Most Unusual Homes For Sale Right Now

Most Unusual Homes Via EstatelyIf only your home was on an island and had a moat, too.

For those bored with the traditional white picket fence, why not try something a bit more bizarre?  

In celebration of everything that is wonderful and weird, our friends at property search site Estately rounded up some of the most unusual homes in the US. 

From a modern-day treehouse atop the Hollywood Hills to a circular home in the middle of the Arizona desert, these 13 truly unconventional homes are available for purchase right now. 

Live inside a Hobbit-like mushroom home in Maryland.

Known as the Mushroom House, this 3,700-square-foot home became a bizarre landmark to the town of Bethesda when it was featured in the book Weird Maryland.

The strange home is covered in polyurethane foam coating, has large oval windows, and 30-foot-tall ceilings to all give the effect of a mushroom shape.

It has also been called the Smurf House, the Hobbit House, and the Flintstones House.

Address: 4949 Allan Road, Bethesda, MD

Price: $US1.2 million

This modern-day treehouse blends into its surroundings.

The Wolff House was built by John Lautern in 1961. The Hollywood Hills home is basically a contemporary treehouse -- and is made of wood, stone, and glass.

The 9,795-square-foot home was built as a tribute to Lautern's mentor, Frank Lloyd Wright, on a steep hill and designed to seamlessly integrate into the natural environment.

It also has towering 16-foot, floor-to-ceiling windows, a guest house, a pool overlooking Los Angeles, and even a Eucalyptus tree growing inside.

Address: 8530 Hedges Place, Los Angeles (City), CA

Price: $US7.9 million

This home in Jacksonville has a series of underground tunnels that were used for smuggling whiskey.

Called 'The Bootlegger's House,' this home was a crucial part of the underground whisky trade since it has a series of tunnels that lead from the garage of the home to the river.

Inspired by the Klutho 'Prairie School' style, this 3,169-square-foot home has six bedrooms and five bathrooms.

Address: 1880 Edgewood Ave South, Jacksonville, FL

Price: $US1.5 million

A home in Oregon comes with its very own tavern.

Located just 15 miles from downtown Portland, this neighbourhood Tavern comes complimentary with the purchase of the 2,174-square-foot home.

The one bedroom house sits on two acres of scenic Skyline property.

Address: 8031 NW Skyling BLVD, Portland, OR

Price: $US795,000

This house in the Grand Rapids has a 2,300-piece pipe organ in the basement.

A small home in the Grand Rapids has a massive 2,300 piece pipe organ -- which is more powerful than an average church organ.

The organ takes up more than one third of the entire house. The massive instrument was installed over a period of 5 years, and if it were built today it would have a price tag of around $US1,000,000.

Address: 1117 Third Street NW, Grand Rapids, MI

Price: $US129,900

Live in an unique dome-shaped house that looks like it belongs in a sci-fi film.

Built in 2005, this custom made multi-domed house is located on three acres of land in Alpine, California. The 3,072-square-foot home has a pool, spa, and an active well.

Plus, the domed ceilings provide incredible acoustics for anyone who is a fan of singing loudly when home alone.

Address: 17547 Peutz Valley, Alpine, CA

Price: $US499,900

This home in Florida is more of an amusement park than a private house.

The exterior of this home in Boca Raton, Florida may look pretty plain, but the interior is basically a giant amusement park.

The 27,254-square-foot estate has a massive arcade, sci-fi themed rooms, a pirate ship bedroom, and a spaceship themed entertainment room.

Address: 3682 Princeton Place, Boca Raton, FL

Price: $US35 million

Live in your own self sufficient island home.

This 2,034-square-foot home sits on a private island in the Hawk Channel off the coast of Marathon, Florida. The entire home is self sufficient since it's powered by Solar Panels, Wind Mills, and a back up generator.

There is even a moat to keep out any unwanted guests.

Address: 0 E Sister Rock, FL

Price: $US9.9 million

This modern home has a unique, rounded, stainless steel exterior.

This 13,762-square-foot home in Los Angeles has five bedrooms, five bathrooms, a glass and marble staircase, and an infinity pool and spa.

A glass elevator takes you from the second level to a lower level walk-in wine cellar and ten car subterranean garage.

Address: 2235 Hercules Drive, Los Angeles, CA

Price: $US12.5 million

An antique Dutch pete barn sits on a 17-acre estate in New Jersey.

This home in New Jersey is an antique Dutch barn that was relocated to its current location. The interior of the home looks like a museum with a carriage in the living room, interior stone walls, and vintage wooden beams.

The grounds also has a pool, cabana, gym, sauna, and wine cellar.

Address: 175 Pleasant Valley Road, Titusville, NJ

Price: $US4.4 million

This 2-acre grand estate is located on a private peninsula overlooking Biscayne bay.

This gated home in South Florida sits on 2,000 feet of water frontage and is located on its very own peninsula.

The 11,588-square-foot home has six bedrooms, eight bathrooms, and a private yacht harbour.

Address: 775 S Mashta DR, Key Biscayne, FL

Price: $US60 million

Live in a home that sits on 5-acres of the Sonoran Desert.

This secluded home sits on five acres of land in the Arizona desert and is known for its circular architecture.

It has 5,840 square feet of living space, three bedrooms, a 75-foot negative-edge pool, 20-foot-tall beamed ceiling, and over 4,000-square-feet of outdoor courtyards.

Address: 8610 E Maverick Circle, Carefree, AZ

Price: $US2.5 million

This barn in Texas has a fully equipped gymnasium with a regulation half-court.

This 10,648-square-foot barn is located on four acres of land in Argyle, Texas.

The barn is most notable for its giant basketball court which is a regulation half-court. There is even a locker room, coach's office, and workout studio.

Address: 1820 E Hickory Hill Road E, Argyle, TX

Price: $US675,000

Want more wonderfully bizarre homes?

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