One of Johnny Manziel’s closest confidants sent out an ominous message on social media

Johnny Manziel

Nate Fitch sent out a Tweet on Sunday that sounds like he is desperately worried about Johnny Manziel.

Fitch, or “Uncle Nate,” as he is better known, long served as Manziel’s right-hand man, starting when the pair were both at Texas A&M University. While Fitch may not have the same place in Manziel’s inner-circle, there are few that have been as close to the fallen football star as Fitch and his message sounds ominous.

It reads: “I love you brother. I’m desperate to help you. The past week without hearing from you is terrifying. I’m here no matter what. Let me help.”


While that tweet doesn’t mention Manziel by name, Fitch followed it up a few minutes later with a picture of him and Manziel fishing from a dock. Manziel is the second from the right. Fitch is on the far left.


This comes just a few days after Manziel was dropped by his second agent in three months.

In a recent interview with Forbes, Fitch admits that his relationship with Manziel is not as strong as it once was. But there may not be anybody who knows better than Fitch everything that Manziel has gone through over the last 4-5 years. So if he is worried, that’s a terrible sign.

Here is Fitch (left) with Manziel on the night the quarterback won the Heisman Trophy.


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