UNBOXING: Azerbaijan's Gift For The People Of Davos

Azerbaijan mountain

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When I got to Davos this afternoon, I was famished.So I was excited to see that my hotel room had been pre-loaded with swag.

Specifically, there was a big brown bag marked “Azerbaijan.”

If I hadn’t already been to Davos once, I’d have been bewildered.


But after last year’s Davos, I knew exactly what was going on. As part of its sponsorship of the World Economic Forum, Azerbaijan was giving all WEF attendees some swag.

And that swag, I was convinced, HAD to include something edible.

It was a big bag.

From Azerbaijan.

So, one of those boxes had to contain food, right?

Maybe the big heavy brown one?

The thing was a brick. Maybe it contained huge blocks of chocolate. Do they eat chocolate in Azerbaijan?

Nope, not cheese. Maybe huge square blocks of chocolate?

Nope. Books. With pictures of Azerbaijan.

So, this box HAD to be a chocolate bar. It had the heft of a chocolate bar. It had the shape of a chocolate bar...

Nope. Postcards.

Nope. Just a bunch of DVDs. Maybe they have pictures of carpets on them. I will never, ever know.

Yep. More DVDs.

But that sweet spot is not as big as I have for the OTHER Davos sponsor who loaded my room with swag. I was LOVING the Nestle folks about now.

Last year, I took this box home to my kids. Sorry kids.

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