At The Height Of China’s Doomsday Hysteria, The UN Was Forced To Deny rumours It Was Issuing Tickets For An ‘Ark’

While the Mayan apocalypse theory appears to have been a dud, it’s remarkable how far it spread.

In China, the United Nations were forced to use their Weibo account to deny rumours it was issuing tickets for an ark that would save people from the apocalypse. “The United Nations sincerely has not issued any boat tickets,” the message read (next to an angry emoticon).

AFP reports that the tickets, featured below, had been “widely available on Chinese auction websites and each retail for around 10 yuan (US$1.60) – although their face value is 10 billion yuan”.

Doomsday hysteria became a serious issue in China, with at least 500 members of one cult arrested and a knife attack at an elementary school linked to the Mayan theories. A man in Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region even spent his life savings building his own ark.

United Nations Ark

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