Redditor Proposes To His Girlfriend Using Memes In The Ultimate Reddit Post

Redditor SirTechnocracy and his girlfriend LadyTechnocracy already knew they were going to get engaged.

They had picked out and designed an engagement ring together, and he had even asked her parents for permission, according to The Daily Dot.

All he needed was an unforgettable way to propose — and that’s where Reddit stepped in to help.

Using well-known memes like “Good Guy Greg,” “Success Kid,” and Dos Equis’s “Most Interesting Man in the World,” SirTechnocracy told his girlfriend exactly how she makes him feel:

Then he linked to an Imgur album of 18 pictures on deviantART of he and his girlfriend he had specially commissioned for the occasion:

Posted on /r/AdviceAnimals, the post title read, “This is a marriage proposal (she will recognise my username): I can’t believe the day is finally here.”

Two hours after the post went up, his girlfriend accepted: “She just ran up and hugged me almost in tears for like a minute (which seemed like forever),” he commented in his own post. “Then I had to remind her that she was supposed to say yes or no.”

For her part, LadyTechnocracy knew exactly how to tell Reddit that she had accepted his proposal:

“Understandably, a lot of people are giving SirTechnocracy grief about this. I understand that the concept of a Reddit proposal is… unconventional (hell, I’d never think of it), but this is honestly the most romantic thing someone has ever done for me. The advice animals crack me up, and the commissions are amazing,” she wrote.

Read the full proposal story and responses over on Reddit.

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