Producer For ‘Ukraine Today’ Network Trolls ‘Russia Today’ Host During Live Broadcast

RT segment with Ukraine Today

A live interview Tuesday with a producer from the new Ukraine Today television network on Kremlin-backed RT, formerly known as Russia Today, went about as well as you’d expect.

In a segment on RT’s “In The Now” show from Moscow, host Anissa Naouai attempted to interview Ukraine Today’s executive producer, Tetiana Pushnova in Kiev, but it quickly devolved into a trainwreck.

After introducing her guest, Naouai said she wanted to give the audience “a little taste” of a Ukraine Today broadcast. But instead of showing a clip from UT, Pushnova just blasted her host and Russia at large.

“I don’t remember your name, miss, but you [are] also responsible for thousands, thousands of deaths in my country. And Russia Today, who [is] financed by Kremlin, lie about my country; lie about Ukrainians.”

“That’s why I don’t want to communicate with you,” Pushnova continued, “And I call to my international colleagues: Don’t cooperate with Russia Today.”

Surprisingly, the segment wasn’t cut off right there. Instead Naouai tried to get the interview back on track, saying “could you just tell us a little bit more about … ” before she realised the UT producer had put up a large graphic on the screen that said “Russia Today Stop Lie.”

RT segment with Ukraine Today

Funded by the Russian government, the RT network has often offered alternative theories to what is going on in the world, especially when it comes to the situation in Ukraine. As for UT, which was just launched last week, it’s billed as Ukraine’s “first international TV news network” and like RT, is presented in English.

Here’s the clip: