Support For The UK's Anti-Europe Party Is Exploding In A New Poll

nigel farage UKIP

Pretty soon, the entire world may have to take notice of the anti-EU/anti-immigration/populist UK party called UKIP, which just did awesome in recent regional elections.

A new poll from the Guardian has support for the party surging to a record high.

Ukip’s 18% is the best it has achieved with any pollster in any of the surveys logged at UK Polling Report. It is all the more remarkable for ICM, whose careful adjustments for voters who decline to reveal their political preference smooths out the wilder fluctuations of the electoral cycle.

The Tories are plumbing depths they have not experienced in more than a decade – barring a single month in 2002, they have not fallen below 28% since Tony Blair’s political honeymoon in 1997-98. The Liberal Democrats, which typically fare better with ICM than other pollsters, have not fallen below today’s 11% in the series since September of 1997, the immediate aftermath of Blair’s first victory.

The rise of UKIP follows the rise of other parties that are rejecting the status quo across the Eurozone. Previously it was the strong showing in Italy by Beppe Grillo’s 5-Star Movement that rocked the world.

None of this is too surprising given that attitudes in a new poll shows support for the European Project crumbling, especially in the last year.

Via Order-Order.

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