UK Independence Leader Nigel Farage Has Made An Anti-American Golf Ad For The Ryder Cup

Nigel Farage, the anti-Europe leader of the United Kingdom Independence Party, has taken a few anti-American swings at the US Ryder Cup team in a light-hearted ad for the gambling site Paddy Power. (For non-golf fans, the Ryder Cup pits Europe’s golfers against those from the US.)

The joke here is that Farage is pulling for Europe in the cup, even though he wants the UK to leave the continent’s economic union.

Here’s a breakdown of his best one-liners:

There’s no Tiger Woods — he’s ‘hurt his back.’ How did you do that Tiger? Carrying the hopes and dreams of the nation on your shoulders?”

“Jim Furyk: the man whose swing has been described as a one-armed golfer using an axe to kill a snake inside a telephone booth.”

“The names — Hunter, Bubba, Webb. They’re not names, they’re just noises!”

“To quote the great lyricist and golf fanatic Justin Timberlake, cry me a river America. Preferably a great European river like the Rhine or the Ouse.”

“This is our Ryder Cup and we’re not going to give it away. Certainly not to some flag-waving, fist-pumping, ‘Get in the hole!’ Americans. So come on you lot, swing for Europe. Your continent needs you.”

Now watch the entire ad:

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