Australian travellers will be fast-tracked through UK airports from next year

Dan Kitwood/Getty Images

The United Kingdom will soon allow Australians travellers to be fast-tracked through immigration at major international British airports.

The small detail in the UK’s new budget released today will impact thousands of Australians who travel to the UK regularly.

Australian High Commissioner George Brandis announced the change in a tweet.

Any Australian who has a current Australian e-passport will be able to use it at the e-passport gates.

These gates often have smaller lines and wait times.

This means Australians will no longer have to queue up to meet with a border official face-to-face.

The change will come into effect next year.

To date, only citizens from the UK, European Union, European Economic Area or Switzerland with biometric passports have been able to use the e-passport lanes.

The new law will also allow travellers from the United States, Canada, New Zealand, and Japan to use the faster e-passport gates.

Last year, 1.09 million Australians visited the UK.

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