UK Trade Minister Says The Daily Mail's 'Catwalk' Coverage Of Female Ministers Misses The Mark

British newspaper The Daily Mail this week printed a story critiquing what the country’s newest female ministers were wearing to work.

What followed was outrage over the “sexist” coverage.

The UK’s trade and investment minister Lord Ian Livingston, who is in Australia this week for the B20 conference, told Business Insider the coverage was unfortunate and missed the point.

“The appointments to cabinet are because people are good and talented and that’s what it should be,” he said.

“I think any discussion, male or female, as to what they wear or what they look like is irrelevant.

“It’s an unfortunate thing that someone chose to put it in any other different way and that applies to male, female, black, white.”

The UK’s Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg tweeted this photo of his outfit as he walked along Downing Street this week.

Livingston also told Business Insider, “Thank God I didn’t get the job based on my dress sense”.

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