Send us your nominations for the UK Tech 100, a list of the coolest people in UK tech

There are some impressive people working in tech in the UK — and we want to hear about them. Shutetrstock/Engel Ching

This October, we’re going to publish our UK Tech 100 list that will rank the 100 people who have made the biggest contribution to technology in the UK in the past year.

We’re going to be celebrating the list with a party held in a London venue.

Before all of that, though, we want to hear who you’d like to nominate for our ranking.

In the form below, please include the name of the person you think has made an impact on technology in the UK in the last year. What have they done recently that’s cool? 

How do we define cool?

Well, your nomination might have launched a new company. Or they brought in millions of pounds in funding. Perhaps they helped other entrepreneurs get started. Maybe they invested in some exciting companies.

You have until August 21 to get your nominations in.