Check Out The Insane Anti-Austerity Protests Sweeping The UK Right Now

Right now, students across the UK are protesting the proposed increase to tuition fees by the government.

The national scale of the protest is bigger than the previous, though no buildings have yet been invaded.

More police, however, are involved.

Protests, at Whitehall, the area where government buildings are in London.

Police presence much bigger than last time.

Not falling for the same tricks, the police are more seriously defending government buildings.

As you can see the lines are quite serious.

That doesn't mean they can stop protesters breaking into their vans.

Or sitting on top of them.

Or bashing them up.


Students warming up.

Protests aren't just in London, this photo comes from Bristol.

Unsure of this location, but it is somewhere near the river Tyne (Newcastle, perhaps?)

Check out the photos of the last riot.

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