UK Day Of Rage: 750,000 Union Members Plan June Strike

Student UK ProtestA photo from last year’s student protests

Photo: Twitpic

Are we about to see a British day of rage?June 30th could see up to 750,000 unionized government workers strike in co-ordinated walkouts over pension reform, job cuts, and a pay freeze, reports the BBC.

Now, The Guardian reports that the UK Uncut group will join the protests, planning a “public spectacular” in London.

UK Uncut has been heavily involved in protests in London since it’s inception in November 2010, targeting stores such as Topshop that sought to avoid UK taxes.

The unions and the protestors are united in their belief that the UK Government’s austerity measures are misguided – a belief that might be gaining momentum in the UK, despite the IMF’s support of British cuts.

An estimated 50,000 students joined protests over increased student fees last year.

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