A restaurant in Birmingham is challenging Usain Bolt to take on its giant 6,000 calorie chicken nugget

Meet Nugzilla, Europe’s biggest chicken nugget.

It was created by the team at Rub Smokehouse in Birmingham. It is 6,000 calories, weighs 1kg, and is the equivalent of 85 normal sized nuggets.

It costs 29.95 but if you manage to finish it under 10 minutes then you can have it for free. However, only two people have managed to achieve the feet.

The restaurant has challenged 9 time Olympic gold medalist and world’s fastest man Usain Bolt to eat the Nugzilla.

Deputy manager Jojo Fernandes said; “Usain Bolt’s favourite food is chicken nuggets. As this is 85 chicken nuggets we would love to see if he can come down to our restaurant and give it a go.”

Could you take on Nugzilla?

Produced by David Ibekwe.

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