UK Plans To Introduce 'Two Strikes' Rule For Violent Crime

Kenneth Clarke UKKenneth Clarke

Photo: Wikimedia Commons

The UK is set to introduce new laws that will impose new minimum sentencing requirements for violent crimes, reports The Guardian.Two key points from the new legislation:

  • 16 and 17 year olds convicted of “aggravated knife possession” will face a minimum of four months in prison.
  • Those convicted twice for certain violent crimes will face a life sentence.

The changes are major reforms to the UK system, which has typically only used life sentence’s for murder and has relied on judgment of the judiciary in terms of sentancing.

Justice Secretary Kenneth Clarke had been hoping to decrease the UK’s rising prison population, even pushing a green paper called “Breaking the Cycle” last year.

However the new methods only likely to add to prison numbers. A report from the Ministry of Justice has suggested that the prison population will likely to continue rising.

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