UK Judge Wants Fairer Divorce Laws For Rich Husbands

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Lady Deech, a UK judge, says divorce laws that split assets between the man and the woman 50-50 are unfair to the men and need to be reformed.

Daily Mail: She says the system creates incentives to women who divorce their husbands:

Divorce settlements that keep ex-wives in comfort at the expense of their former husbands should be scrapped, a legal expert has said.

Baroness Deech condemned the doctrine of the divorce courts which says a divorced woman should get a half share of the couple’s wealth.

It is unfair to men and demeaning to women, she said.

And she called for tougher divorce laws generally to protect children from the damage caused by family break-up. Read the whole thing >

Deech proposes a system whereby if you’re young and childless, the wife shouldn’t really expect to get much of anything upon divorce.

Anyway, from an incentives standpoint, it certainly sounds as if 50-50 divorce would make women more likely to get one. But on the other hand, doesn’t a more tilted playing field, just shift incentives towards men being inclined to want one? We’re not sure how this really accomplishes much.

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