The number of people coming to the UK from Eastern Europe has dropped since the Brexit vote

Immigration into the UK fell to its lowest level in two years in the year ending in September 2016, according to the latest migration figures released by the Office for National Statistics on Thursday.

Net migration in the UK was +273,000, with immigration into the country estimated at 596,000 people, and emigration at 323,000.

The immigration figures included 268,000 EU citizens, 257,000 non-EU citizens and 71,000 British citizens.

ONS data notes that the net number of citizens from so-called EU8 nations — Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Slovenia, Hungary — coming to the UK has fallen in the months since the Brexit vote. However, the number of Romanian and Bulgarian citizens has increased.

“This is the first release to contain long-term international migration estimates including three months of data following the EU referendum. Although we have seen a fall in net migration of EU8 citizens there have been continued increases in immigration from Romania and Bulgaria, so it is too early to say what effect the referendum result has had on long-term international migration,” the ONS writes.

Here is the ONS’ chart showing the figures as part of the 10-year trend.

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