UK Government On Brink Of Collapse


The Parliament expense scandal and the declining economy has pushed the the UK government towards its breaking point, as top ministers are now resigning en masse, putting pressure on Prime Minister Gordon Brown to step down.

The latest is John Hutton, the UK defence secretary, becoming the fourth cabinet member to step down this week.

Says the Telegraph:

The Prime Minister will have to face more grim news tonight as full results from local elections are published. Early counts have indicated Labour could be facing its worst results at the ballot box in a generation.

Mr Brown’s position had already been weakened to the point that he felt unable to push ahead with a plan to demote Alistair Darling, the Chancellor.

Opposition leader David Cameron said the only reasonable conclusion to this is for Gordon Brown to call for an early election and let the voters decide whether to keep the current government. Though obviously, conservative David Cameron wants to strike while anger towards labour is hot.

The red-hot UK pound fell over night, which according to Bloomberg, was related to the governmental collapse, but it’s hard to say. Others have speculated that the whole reason the Pound has rallied so strongly is on expectations of major political upheaval and fresh blood in government.

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