David CameronChristopher Furlong/Getty ImagesPrime Minister David Cameron.

Britain’s government just confirmed that the country will join the US and other nations in a bombing campaign against ISIS (also known as the Islamic State) in Syria.

The votes stacked up as follows:

In favour of bombing: 397

Against bombing: 223

A majority of 174.

The result came after 10.5 hours worth of parliamentary debates.

Political pundits would remark that it was nearly certain that politicians would mostly back military air strikes against ISIS in Syria because, last week, Prime Minister David Cameron said he would only push for a vote if it was clear that MPs would approve the bombings.

Cameron said he didn’t want to risk ISIS being given a propaganda win if British politicians voted against military intervention in Syria.

Britain’s government has 8 Tornado jets based at RAF Akrotiri in Cyprus that are ready to be deployed. The Tornado jets

can fly at twice the speed of sound and have a cruise speed of 8 miles a minute.

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