UK banks have axed 186,111 jobs since the 2008 crisis

British banks have cut 186,111 jobs since the 2008 crisis, with the latest round being a planned 30,000 headcount reduction at Barclays, according to Reuters.

Here’s a list of redundancies made by major banks, from the Times and Business Insider:

  • Barclays: 30,000 lost from high of 132,000
  • HSBC: 25,000 lost from a high of 296,000
  • Lloyds: 37,111 lost from high of 132,000
  • RBS: 94,000 lost from high of 183,700*
  • Total lost: 186,111

*Some of those jobs went with business units that were sold to other companies.

Barclays’ latest cuts follow 3,700 job cuts in 2013, a further 12,000 axed in 2014, and 7,000 jobs gone in 2015 already, according to The Telegraph.

Not all the job losses were based in Britain (these banks are global). “Only” 8,000 of the 25,000 jobs gone at HSBC are expected to be from the UK, for instance.

But still — that is a massive reduction in headcount for a country that claims to be a worldwide leader in finance.

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