Uh-oh, Sydney's New 'Part-Time' Cycleway Might Not Be Ready For Years

The much debated College St bike lane could finally be getting the turf as the Baird government plans to introduce a new “part-time” cycleway along Castlereagh Street.

The part-time cycleway will operate between 6am-10am and 3pm-8pm to allow for loading zones in the area.

According to government projections, the new cycleways were to be installed before the works on George Street’s light rail system begins in April.

“Roads and Maritime Services (RMS) will build the Castlereagh and Liverpool street cycleways in conjunction with bus roadworks. Construction will start by the end of 2014,” says Sydney Cycleways.

That doesn’t leave them with a lot of time.

With the $1.6 billion CBD and South East Light Rail project due to be completed in 2019/2020, it could be years before the cycleways are built if plans are delayed.

Without the College Street bike lane there will be no full-time north-south cycleway through the southern end of the Sydney CBD – not great considering the number of people riding has increased 130% since 2010.

The cycleway in College Street will be reconfigured into an additional traffic lane.

It is also unclear whether the “part-time” cycleway will have barrier from the road traffic or if it will just be a painted lane on the ground.

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