UH OH: Lindsay Lohan Is In Trouble With Her Insurance Company For Driving (Again)

Maybe Lindsay should stick to public transit.

Photo: Getty Images / Pool

Hollywood starlet Lindsay Lohan is in hot water with her insurance company—again. The troubled actress is currently filming “Liz and Dick,” a biopic on Lohan’s self-professed idol, Elizabeth Taylor. With her record of DUI and prior accidents, the film’s insurance agency “imposed several conditions” before offering Lohan the role, including banning her from getting behind the wheel.

Earlier this month however, Lohan violated this policy when got in a major fender bender. With her assistant along for the ride, she totaled her rental Porsche when she crashed into a large 18-wheeler.

You can see a photo of her rental car here.

It was reported that movie producers knew about these imposed conditions yet still let her drive anyway.

Now Lohan will not be allowed to drive for the duration of filming, which was the original plan.

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