Chinese Fishing Boat 'Intentionally' Rams South Korean Coast Guard, At Least 1 Dead

fishermanA few month ago these fishermen rammed a Japanese coast guard boat

Just as North Korea and South Korea threats near a breaking point, a Chinese fishing boat has ‘intentionally’ rammed into a South Korean coast guard ship, according to VOA.At some point the Chinese also attacked the Koreans with steel pipes and clubs, injuring four coast guard.

After the Chinese boat had overturned, the Koreans pulled eight fishermen from the water, one of whom was unconscious and later died. Two are still missing.

We’re gathering details as they are released, but the implications are worrying. This comes as Korea promises to carry out military exercises that will aggravate North Korea, which China has explicitly opposed. (The exercises were canceled today because of bad weather).

The event has dangerous parallels to earlier this fall when Chinese fishermen rammed a Japanese coast guard ship; the fishermen were arrested, and then China erupted into anti-Japanese protests, a ban on rare earth exports, etc. In both cases the fishermen were accused of poaching outside Chinese waters. Will Korea dare arrest these fishermen?

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