13 Things Every Guy Should Take Out Of His Closet And Burn

Since fall is here and that back-to-school feeling is in the air, it’s time for a wardrobe revamp.

And that doesn’t just mean getting items that will keep your style fresh, that means getting rid of items that make your style crusty and tired.

Not sure what those items are, guys? We’re happy to help.

This is a list of items that no man should wear anymore. They have no place in your closet and in fact shouldn’t even be brought out for Halloween.

Unless you’re dressing like Kenny Powers, in which case live the night and then put it away. Forever.

Square toed shoes

We're not sure when these were in style, but they now seem to occupy this vortex where fashion goes into a zombified state and continues to live on after death. Help us make it stop.

Cargo everything

If you don't have important things to put in your pockets -- all your pockets -- do not wear these. The legs are usually unfashionably wide anyway. This goes for shorts and pants.

Oversized belts

See Jamie's belt? Do not wear Jamie's belt.

Dad jeans

If you are a dad that's really still not an excuse. You can do better.

Cutoff shirts

No you cannot wear your cutoff shirt to the gym. It still looks ridiculous.

Graphic tees

Would you look at that combo?

First off, whatever it says, it's probably not that funny.

And, unless you belong to a specific subset of hipsters (fine if that's what you're going for), you look like a child.

Reflective/statement sunglasses

You are not Robocop.

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