The UFL Is Actually Holding Its Draft On Twitter

UFL Nighthawks
Jeff Garcia played for the UFL’s Nighthawks

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While the NFL draft is starting tonight with an air of uncertainty, the UFL has everything figured out for their May 2nd draft — they’re holding it over Twitter.The five coaches of the upstart football league’s five teams will make their pick official by broadcasting it through their own Twitter handles.

From there, the draft results will be posted on the UFL’s website, and on each Facebook team page.

UFL Commissioner Michael Huyghue asserted his belief that this is a “social media first,” and followed that by saying “we hope fans enjoy this innovative means of communicating each pick.”

The first round draft results will be tweeted by Commissioner Huyghue himself, and then the picks of the following rounds will be tweeted by each individual coach. Jerry Glanville, the former NFL coach and the current head coach of the Hartford Colonials will get to tweet and pick first.

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