A Player Cost His Team At Least $10 Million By Trying A Sneaky Penalty Kick In A Champions League Shootout

Italian club Udinese lost its Champions League qualifier against Braga in heartbreaking fashion yesterday.

The match went to penalty kicks, and all five players on each side scored, except one.

Udinese player Maicosuel attempted a “Panenka” — a cheeky chip shot right down the centre of the goal, hoping the keeper will dive one way or another — and failed. Braga went on to win.

Panenkas look fantastic when they work, but downright silly when they don’t.

With the loss, Udinese will not make the Champions League group stage — where all 32 clubs are guaranteed at least ~$10 million in revenue. In 2010/11, even the 16 teams that got kicked out of the group stage averaged ~$17 million in additional revenue. So this kick was pretty costly for the club in the long term:

Here’s what a Panenka is supposed to look like:

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