A Broken Water Main Has Put Most Of UCLA's Campus Underwater

A water main broke near the campus of UCLA on Wednesday and the photos being shared on social media are showing a campus increasingly underwater.

The famed basketball court of the Bruins is now under a foot of water as crews currently try to stop the flooding.

It all began when a water main broke, sending water shooting into the air up to 30 feet, according to the Los Angeles Times.

Students were forced to seek the high ground as water quickly accumulated across campus.

While some decided to just try and find a way through it.

Here’s the outside of Pauley Pavillion, home to both Bruins Men and Women’s Basketball.

This video shows the speed of water rushing down the stairs at Pauley Pavillion

The water flooded down through the staircases leading through parking structures.

And while the Los Angeles Times reported that the flooding trapped at least three people in their vehicles, most UCLA students found a way to make the most of the incident.

The 101-year-old water main on Sunset Boulevard ruptured at 3:30 p.m. local time, according to KTLA. At least five people were rescued from flooded parkings structures and local authorities have asked people to stay out of parking structures and wait to retrieve their vehicles.

Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti tweeted at 5:13 p.m. local time that the pipe would be shut down within an hour, and at 7:41 p.m. local the Los Angeles Department of Water and Power reported that crews had completed shut-off of the pipeline.

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