UCalifornia Schools Considering More Out-of-Staters

Seeking to boost profits, California state schools are considering upping the number of out-of-state students they admit each year. Obviously, the move will also make it harder for California students to get into state schools.

LAist: With the California state budget in peril, our university systems are struggling, which is why the University of California system is entertaining the idea of increasing how many out-of-state students they accept and decreasing how many in-state students, all in the name of profit. Since out-of-state students’ tuition averages more than twice what a student with California residency pays, the UCs would be bringing in more money. According to a video report on MyFox Los Angeles, UC officials are mulling the possibility of upping their out-of-state enrollment to 15 to 20% from its current 6%, using schools in other states who take in more out-of-staters in general as inspiration.

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