Amid Student Immigration Concerns, New UC President Pledges $US5 Million To Undocumented Undergrads

In her first major speech since becoming president of the University of California system, Janet Napolitano pledged $US5 million to help students illegally in the United States, which should help alleviate student concerns about her immigration policies as Secretary of Homeland Security.

According to the San Francisco Chronicle, “Napolitano said she would use reserve funds to augment budgets for three groups: undergraduates in the country illegally, top-quality graduate students who might be enticed to come to UC, and postdoctoral students.”

The money will go towards “special counseling and financial aid” for undocumented students, the Associated Press reports.

A vocal group of UC students have publicly opposed Napolitano’s appointment, and several demonstrators had to be removed by police from her confirmation vote meeting. In July, an op-ed from a “proud undocumented UC Berkeley alumnus” appeared in the Daily Californian — UC Berkeley’s student newspaper — bashing the former Secretary of Homeland Security.

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