Remember All Those UBS Traders Who Were Brutally Cut Last Week? Now The Bank Is Rehiring Some Of Them

ubs doors

Last week, UBS brutally cut a bunch of fixed traders in London by deactivating their security passes so they could not enter the building.

The bank also called employees based in Stamford, CT to let them know they were cut as Sandy churned up the east coast, Business Insider reported. 

Now there’s a surprising new twist.  

Reuters’ Sarah White and Dasha Afanasieva report that some of those employees who were put on special leave are being asked to come back and more could follow, according to unnamed sources familiar. 

From Reuters: 

UBS has already brought back a small handful of employees who were on leave, two people familiar with the matter said.

It could also ask more to return or rehire some where needed, said three other sources, including UBS insiders, adding that some desks were now too thinly staffed to operate properly, if they were desks the bank ultimately wanted to keep going.

UBS has said it plans to cut 10,000 jobs globally. 

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