UBS: Actually, The Cruise Industry May Just Buck The Costa Concordia Disaster

Costa Concordia Cruise Italy

[credit provider=”Getty / Laura Lezza”]

The cruise industry, which has waited tepidly as the Costa Concordia disaster drags on off Italian shores, may not be as impacted as many analysts first thought.In a research note out today, Robin Farley of UBS says channel checks show one week past the accident ticket prices remain 40 basis points higher week-on-week. 

“What is even more surprising is that average ticket prices increased since the start of the year for almost every brand that we survey, including Costa,” Farley says.

Pricing has ticked up in the Caribbean and Alaska, and remains stable in the Mediterranean, UBS data shows.

“While still early, impact so far on bookings may not be as negative as one might have expected. Our EPS adjustments last week assume 50bp impact on total demand, with ~10% impact to Costa specifically, which nets to 200bp impact to CCL and 50 bp impact to RCL,” she says.