Everything we know about uBiome, the startup that convinced Silicon Valley that testing poop was worth $600 million, and then filed for bankruptcy amid an FBI investigation

Erin BrodwinA uBiome microbiome test kit.

The Silicon Valley startup uBiome was founded in 2012, on the promise of helping ordinary people understand the bacteria living in and on them, known as their microbiome.

The company morphed from citizen science project to venture-backed startup, taking in $US105 million from investors and reaching a valuation of $US600 million.

Then the troubles began. The FBI raided the company in April, reportedly as part of an investigation into the startup’s billing practices. By the end of June, the company’s top leadership and many of its board members had departed. In October, the company said it was shutting down in a chapter 7 bankruptcy.

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uBiome convinced Silicon Valley that testing poop was worth $US600 million. Then the FBI came knocking. Here’s the inside story.

Here’s everything we know about what’s going on at uBiome.

The inside story

Leadership exits and layoffs

Science and poop tests

Complaints and probes

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