Uber Brings Its SUV Fleet To NYC

Remember when you used to have to get two Ubers so you could fit you and your five friends? Here’s some good news: Uber New York is now getting a new addition called UberXL, which will fit up to six people in one car.

UberXL has already been rolled out in a few other cities, including Chicago, San Francisco, Houston, and Indianapolis, but now us New Yorkers can get in on the fun too.

Like UberX, the rides will still be on the cheaper side, but they will come in larger-sized cars like Toyota Highlanders, Honda Pilots, and Nissan Pathfinders.

The fare is a bit steeper than the regular UberX cars, but assuming you’re splitting the cost with friends and saving out on the cost of having to pay for two separate Uber rides, it sounds like a good deal.

And with Uber’s new faresplitting feature, you won’t even have to open up Venmo.

Here’s the cost breakdown:

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