People keep getting their UberEATS takeaways delivered by couriers in Deliveroo uniforms

Deliveroo Root Men ridersDeliverooDeliveroo cyclists.

Deliveroo riders are dropping off takeaways to people that have ordered food from UberEATS, causing confusion among the customers of both companies.

The riders, who operate on zero-hours contracts, are legally able to deliver food for both companies but the fact that each company has its only uniform is proving to be problematic.

Uber’s uniform is all black with a silver Uber logo, while Deliveroo’s uniform is black and green with the Deliveroo logo.

Obviously it’s not practical for riders to change their uniform each time they make a delivery for a different platform. As a result, there are delivery people┬áturning up at people’s homes and offices with an UberEATS bag and a Deliveroo uniform, or vice versa.

I nearly turned away my UberEATS delivery because the man carrying it was wearing a Deliveroo uniform.

UberEATS launched in London last Thursday and got off to a bit of a rocky start. Prior to the launch, several delivery riders told Business Insider that they intended to work for UberEATS and either Deliveroo or Take Eat Easy, which is another restaurant food delivery startup.

Alex Czarnecki, general manager at UberEATS, said: “Couriers do not have to deliver exclusively with us — UberEATS is a completely flexible way for people to make money. Thousands of people, including some who deliver with other companies, have already signed up to deliver with UberEATS in London.”

A Deliveroo spokesman said: “Both Deliveroo and UberEATS offer freelance contractor models for riders in the UK, meaning riders are free to work for both companies. We love our rider equipment and we’re glad our riders choose to use it.”

Here is a man wearing the UberEATS uniform:

UberEATS delivery boyBusiness Insider/Sam SheadAn UberEATs delivery man.

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