REPORT: Uber may be legalised in New South Wales

Tom Foley drops off his first legal Uber fare in Canberra last month. Martin Ollman/Getty

Uber will be legalised in NSW in reforms to the state’s taxi regulations.

The move comes just over a month after Canberra made Uber and other ridesharing services legal.

The NSW Supreme Court has been the host of a court case over the legality of the service. After the state government suspended the registrations of 40 UberX cars.

Uber drivers will need to pay a licence fee, and taxi drivers will be compensated for the loss in value of their plates reports the Daily Telegraph.

The latest data from the Australian Taxi Association shows there are 5983 taxi licenses in Sydney with an average value of $367,000. More than half are owned by individuals with only one license each.

Taxis will retain exclusive access to cab ranks, and Uber drivers will need to pass background checks and have their vehicles inspected.

The reforms are expected to be announced today.

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