Uber is about to crack down on unsafe driving -- here's the plan

Next time you hop in an Uber you may notice your driver is paying extra attention to the road in front of him or her.

That’s because the company is in the process of implementing a new system that tracks how its contracted workers drive. The new system is aimed at improving driver safety and is will be capable of determining when a driver is speeding, cutting corners, and when he or she slams on the brakes. It will also tell the driver when they are going too fast in real-time.

The new technology comes with a software update to Uber’s app for drivers. It basically uses the sensors in the driver’s smartphone to gauge how the driver is performing.

In January, the Guardian reported Uber had begun testing its technology in Austin and Houston. But this week, the company is rolling out the system in 11 US cities for more extensive testing, the company said in a blog post Wednesday.

Some US cities getting the Uber upgrade include New York City, Los Angeles, and Chicago. According to a report from the Wall Street Journal, the company is also rolling the system out to system outside the US, as well.

Uber said its drivers will receive daily reports about how their driving patterns compare to other drivers in the same city. The report will also include tips on how drivers can improve their driving skills.

Right now, the system is aimed at improving safety and not at punishing drivers for bad driving. In fact, since Uber riders already score their drivers, it’s likely the system will only benefit drivers because it will help give them more insight into why they may have received a poor rating in the first place.

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