Uber Asked Customers In The US To Pay 8 Times More Than Usual Last Night

When there is too much demand and too few cars on the road, on-demand car service Uber raises its prices.

Friday evening, while sleet and snow pounded the East Coast, Uber’s surge pricing kicked into effect. The prices were unusually high — seven to eight times normal charges in some places — and people took to Twitter to scream.

Former NBC and ESPN host Michelle Beadle is normally a fan of the car service. But not last night.

Spark Capital investor Mo Koyfman was annoyed by the absurd prices too.

A social media manager, Jessica Gioglio, was forced to pay $US91 for a 3-mile ride.

Another unhappy customer took a picture of the absurd Uber prices in Brooklyn.

A few days ago, a “thinkfluencer” parody Twitter account said it couldn’t believe it was being asked to pay so much for a ride either. Uber CEO Travis Kalanick responded, explaining the surge pricing and the fact that no one can escape it.

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