Uber cars in Seattle will have a bright colour-coded light to let you know which car is yours

In Seattle, Uber is testing a new colour-coding system to make sure you know exactly which car is yours, per a blog post.

How does it work? Glad you asked.

When Seattleites hail a ride with select Uber drivers during this test, they’re prompted to pick a colour.

A coloured light bar on the Uber car will change colours accordingly, so you can pick your driver out of a crowd.

Uber is providing drivers with the so-called “SPOT” bars during this test. They won’t light up until the driver is nearby.

And, apparently, a rider can hold down on their screen to make their phone light up the selected colour, too.

Well, speaking as someone who’s almost gotten into a stranger’s car because I thought it was an Uber, that’s one way to make sure you know which one’s your ride. If it’s successful, presumably this SPOT test will find its way beyond Seattle.

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